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WordPress Training & Consulting

Personalised website training

I’ve worked with many CMS systems over my 15 years in the web industry but WordPress is my content management system of choice. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and secure and very customisable.

Like any software system having the right training can make using it a pleasure or a frustrating experience. No business is the same so your training is tailored to your needs.

Knowing how to correctly use your content management system along with an improved workflow will:

  • increase productivity
  • give you (or your team) greater confidence in producing content
  • spend less time wasting figuring out how to do tasks
  • reduce user error
  • improve team collaboration
  • and more

I’ve run several courses at Crawley College’s business center during my 10 year career with them. You can feel confident that I have the experience to deliver personalised training that has a positive impact for your business or organisation.

A selection of clients who have benefited from custom training.

3D Techincal Design

Get tailored WordPress training

Get in touch for a free 15 minute discovery call to see how I can help you enjoy working on your website.

Improve team collaboration/worklfow

Already using WordPress or another CMS and need help getting your team to work more harmoniously and effectively? Let’s talk and get any bottlenecks out of the way to improve productivity.