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privacy policy

When you use this site, you share some information with us.

We only use that information to understand who is using the site and to get in touch with you when you request us to. We never use it for any other purpose, nor pass it on to a third party without your permission.

When you visit the site, like most sites we automatically collect your IP adddress (a number that identifies your internet connection), the type of browser you are using and any other information that your browser automatically sends us. You can see what information your browser sends by visiting this site.

In addition, when you submit information using the contact form, you are sending us that information via the website. Please do not put any personal information in this form.

Like most other sites, we use cookies, which are small files stored on your computer that allow us to track you across sessions. This isn’t as sinister as it sounds – it just means that if you come back to the site later, we can work out that you are the same person. Currently the only cookie we use is the Google Analytics cookie – you can find more information about this on Google’s website¬†here.

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