Our clients become partners. Big or small, we work together to deliver results.


Many agencies try to be all things to all people; account handlers, planners, creative, production, media, research, web development etc., etc., etc. All sitting, just waiting for the client. They all need paying, whether the client needs them or not. Costly and inefficient.

When we started, back in 2007, we felt it was necessary to strip things back to basics, with just the key skillsets on board, and build a team perfectly suited for each client project. No waste and no unnecessary costs.

So, from a core team seasoned specialists, silva+co assembles a select work group for each project, drawing on almost 25 years of design, web development and project management contacts to find the perfect mix of skills and knowledge required for the job in hand.

The whole world of graphic design and marketing has, if you distill it, only one purpose; to promote growth. Whether you’re seeking new sales or more sales, awareness, reach, new markets, the key to your success is in the adding of value to your offering and, ultimately, your brand.

Let's work together